Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Business Cards!!!!

Yesterday I received these beauties in the mail. Aren't they lovely?! Sorry if the picture is a little blurry/dark. It's overcast here today and I just couldn't wait to share them with you. I ordered my cards from a company called Moo and they'll be the only folks I get my cards from here to eternity. The quality is amazing and the shipping was so fast. My favorite part of their website (if you're ordering cards) is that you can upload up to 50 designs per order. So far I have just the one design, but what a unique idea for the future!

Well, I'm off. I have to finish a new piece and begin working on another one. I'll try to post a preview later tomorrow for ya.

xoxoxoxoxo Jen

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well blog friends,

I haven't been very diligent in keeping up with the posting. Sorry about that, dear friends of mine. I'm sweeping away the cobwebs right now...

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy, exciting day for moi! I'm going to one of my bestest friends weddings AND the day after (Saturday) I am going to be in a super cool art show.

If you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area you should stop by the ClapperClaw art exhibtion.
It's gonna be off the heezy, fo' sheezy.

In other great news I have finished a really awesome piece of art. I think it's my favorite to date.
Check 'er out!

xoxoxo Until we meet again.