Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My diagonsis is monkey rabies...

Hey blog friends!

What a busy day for me! I've been organizing bills and trying to finish up my latest piece for sale on Etsy.
The biggest thing today was going to the doctor for the first time in two years. I don't particularly hate doctors or medicine. However, I feel anxious when I think about the possibility of getting a bizarre or life-threatening illness. I always imagine going to the doctor feeling fine and having them tell me I've got the Ebola virus or something equally disgusting. Fortunately, I was able to confirm I don't have the Black Plague or anything like that- yet.

I hope you all like the new painting. I think it's my favorite to date.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So I have creative block right now. It feels more like the kiss of death though...
I am anxious to start a new painting, but I'm lacking any good, solid ideas. I keep seeing Christmas themed stuff in my head which is kind of weird considering it's almost June. I guess nothing suggests "Holidays"more than humidity and girls in short shorts.


On another note, I came back from the Post Office today and saw a car crashed into the side of my apartment building. Crazy, huh? The woman driving apparently lost control of the vehicle, jumped the sidewalk and careened into a lamp post and street sign. The modest sized sedan was abruptly halted by a stubborn brick wall. Ouuuuch. She was perfectly fine though. I suspect a cell phone was involved in the accident.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I've posted a new print in the shop. It's actually the very first painting I did in photoshop for my store in January. Cray, huh? I didn't want to post it until I felt it was "finished". It always looked incomplete to me until today... That's what I find inspiring and frustrating about working in a digital medium- there's no point when you look at the "finished" piece and say, "Well, I've done all I can do". You can always go back and change something. Remove an element. Add more color to the face. If you're working with a traditional medium you can only do to much before you start to destory the integrity of the artwork, not so with Photoshop.

For me, it takes some restraint not to over emblish on the composition some times.

I'm starting to think of holiday items. I was having a dream about a girl exhaling warm breath in the cold. I got some pretty interesting visual ideas from that. It's a long time away, but I'm hoping to participate in the No Coast Craft-o-Rama in December of this year... We'll see if it happens.

Adios for now....

Friday, May 1, 2009

Twilight and Bees....oh my!

So I've neglected my illustrations lately....not without appropriate guilt though.
I've been caught up in a fever of reading. I have consumed all my spare time with devouring the Twilight series. I don't normally gush about books, and I was quite skeptical of Stephenie Meyer's series.... But the obviously curiosity got the better of me! I started reading the series on Monday and I'm almost finished with the third book today. It's way too addictive. Truly.

On a more art related topic....

I am currently working on a black widow inspired piece. It's coming along pretty well. I'm hoping the addition might increase sales a little bit. It may be up sometime next week (depending on my cravings to finish the Twilight series).

I'm also please to announce that I was contacted by Troy of He came across the Queen Beekeeper on Etsy and is going to feature it today at 3 p.m. Very exciting stuff. Hopefully it brings new traffic to my little corner of Etsy!

Thanks so much Troy! You rock.

...that's it for now.....