Friday, May 1, 2009

Twilight and Bees....oh my!

So I've neglected my illustrations lately....not without appropriate guilt though.
I've been caught up in a fever of reading. I have consumed all my spare time with devouring the Twilight series. I don't normally gush about books, and I was quite skeptical of Stephenie Meyer's series.... But the obviously curiosity got the better of me! I started reading the series on Monday and I'm almost finished with the third book today. It's way too addictive. Truly.

On a more art related topic....

I am currently working on a black widow inspired piece. It's coming along pretty well. I'm hoping the addition might increase sales a little bit. It may be up sometime next week (depending on my cravings to finish the Twilight series).

I'm also please to announce that I was contacted by Troy of He came across the Queen Beekeeper on Etsy and is going to feature it today at 3 p.m. Very exciting stuff. Hopefully it brings new traffic to my little corner of Etsy!

Thanks so much Troy! You rock.

...that's it for now.....

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