Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My diagonsis is monkey rabies...

Hey blog friends!

What a busy day for me! I've been organizing bills and trying to finish up my latest piece for sale on Etsy.
The biggest thing today was going to the doctor for the first time in two years. I don't particularly hate doctors or medicine. However, I feel anxious when I think about the possibility of getting a bizarre or life-threatening illness. I always imagine going to the doctor feeling fine and having them tell me I've got the Ebola virus or something equally disgusting. Fortunately, I was able to confirm I don't have the Black Plague or anything like that- yet.

I hope you all like the new painting. I think it's my favorite to date.

1 comment:

  1. I saw your work on Sunday Brunch a few months ago- you have some amazing pieces!

    The Black Eyed Bunny picture is defintely my favorite, I'm sure I'll end up purchasing it.

    Good luck to you in the future, I'm sure you'll go a long way with this.