Thursday, July 9, 2009

You're lucky if you're in Lucky!

Hey blog friends,

I sold 9 of my prints to Soo Visual Art Center! How awesome is that?! Suzy, the Executive Director, met with me and was so cool and supportive of me becoming a freelance illustrator. I am hopeful that someday in the near future I can support myself solely on my prints. What a thought!

I also wanted to mention that you can see my work in the August issue of Lucky magazine. I was contacted by Judy of via email today to let me know that her website was featured in the magazine. I was lucky enought to be the featured artist the month during the time they took pictures of her badda bing badda BOOM! I'm in Lucky. What a serendipitous name for a magazine that puts a fledgling artist's work in their pages! I feel so.....well, lucky.

P.S. The print they show is my favorite of favorite prints, The Queen Beekeeper. Unfortunately, you can't see it via their website. I bought two copies of the actual magazine so far. It's on page 44.

Click on the above picture for a closer look at the page. Sorry my artwork is so fuzzy.... Check out the real deal at any place that sells Lucky magazine.

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  1. omg Jen, that is awesome! Congratulations! Do they give you credit in the magazine?