Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bloggiddty blog blog blog!

So I have lots of good happy news type- stuff to share. First, I have received almost all of my supplies for the Etsy shop I'm creating. The only thing I'm waiting on is the 8.5x11 Hahnemuehle paper I ordered. I suppose that's kind of important. Most people prefer their art prints on paper, right? I suppose taped together receipt paper wouldn't be appropriate...or McDonald's napkins. I guess I'll wait for the art paper then.

On another paper-related note I just finished another digital work of art. I had a lot of fun looking for photos on corbis and google image search for researching ideas. I've uploaded a few to share. It's very amusing to me that women's bathing suits were measured by police back in the 20's. Considering what women AND men wear today I think those old Victorian whoddy-whoos's would have an on-the-spot anursium from the likes of Christina Agularia.

Dirty up n' huuuurr!

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