Tuesday, April 21, 2009

O Ye of Little Faith...

So I was feeling a little down yesterday. I knew that my shop wasn't going to be an instant success, but I couldn't suppress my desire for exactly that. I suppose it's only natural though. I have been scheming and making artwork on my computer for this Etsy shop for some time now....

Part of my motivation has been to imagine great success, which for me involves have 1,000+ sales, traveling to different indie craft fairs and quitting my day job to do art full-time. It's a nice dream to reflect on (especially when your day isn't going so well).

So today when I opened my Etsy account I saw something that caught my eye....it was an email (a.ka. conversation) from jensiedesigns . She wanted to let me know how much she liked my work :) In that little message I felt all my doubt and negative thoughts about slow beginnings disapper....it was just the thing I needed.

I stronly advise you take a gander at what Jensie Designs has to offer.

Right now I'm going to perpare a new listing and do a little self-promoting...


Hopefully I'll have my first sale soon. Fingers crossed.

1 comment:

  1. YAY you made a sale!! I was going to say- you have a TON of views for a brand new shop.